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  • i’m so tired of seeing white girls in their underwear smoking.

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  • i was diagnosed as manic-depressive like 11 years ago

    i guess i recently forgot that that’s just another way of saying bipolar.

    i was watching silver lining’s playbook yesterday and saw far too many similarities.. and was like.. wtf.. but ooooh yea.. IT ME. lmfao.

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  • mattdevonart thanks :-)

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  • that place that wanted me to bring my resume in, in person just called

    we scheduled to meet on sunday at 11am

    it’s in the mission so that’s gonna be a mission, but she called me so i’ll go. it can’t hurt. i don’t even remember what the details of the job are. i just know it’s a part-time key holder/stylist position for a local designer who has 2 boutiques in SF. i’ll do more investigating before i go in.

    hope i get the job actually, it’s better than the position i’m in right now. even though, i prefer to work with cannabis, fashion is and always will be my first love. 

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